The Roman nose is a condition of the nose in which the bridge of the nose is prominent and has a curved or curved appearance. This type of nose is similar to an eagle’s beak and creates an unpleasant feeling. Also, that is destroying the lip’s appearance. Ideally, the angle between the upper lip and nose (nasolabial) should be between 90 and 105 degrees in women and between 90 and 95 degrees in men. If this angle is less than 90 degrees, it can cause a drooping nose and make the person look older.

To create the desire nasolabial, the surgeon must deform the tip of the nose. Having a lot of experience, art, and skills is necessary to balance and coordinate to achieve a natural result.


Roman nose Rhinoplasty Method

The rhinoplasty method should be on the degree of curvature of the nose. Also, the height of the nose bridge and the tip location play critical roles. In some cases, the nose shape is not too severe, and a part of the nose bridge has a small protrusion. Therefore, the surgery is only rubbing the nose protrusion. If the fake shape of the nose is severe, they should cut the cartilage and nose bone. Then they straighten the protruding part. Besides, nose augmentation surgery should be at the same time. That should be according to the height of the nasal bridge.

Roman nose

Stages of Roman nose rhinoplasty

Step 1 – Anesthesia

The specialist doctor will use Appropriate medications to ensure complete comfort during nasal surgery. The surgery will be under general anesthesia or by intravenous injection of sedatives. That is based on the discretion of your doctor and according to your previous referrals.

Step 2 – Cut

At the cost of rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty should be in one of two ways:

Closed surgery – small incisions inside the nose are indistinct.

Open surgery – incisions are made outside the nose and across the columella.

These incisions lift the soft tissue of the nose to allow the surgeon access to intranasal structures. That is including cartilage and bone.

Step 3 – Shape the nasal structures,

Depending on the surgeon and the patient, the nasal structures (bones and cartilage) are removed or reconstructed using grafted cartilage from other parts of the body, including the cartilage of the nasal septum, ears, or ribs. In Roman nasal surgery, the specialist doctor will remove the nose bridge. Also, they will connect the nasal bones in this area.

Step 4 – Modify the nasal septum,

If the septum (septum) of the nose deviates, the specialist doctor will apply the septum flattening method. As a result of rhinoplasty, breathing through the nose is easier.

Step 5 – Suture

After making changes to the nose structures, the specialist doctor will replace the skin and soft tissues on these structures and suture the incisions.

Step 6 – Keep your nose steady,

A bandage will be on the nose. If the bone structures are modified, they hold it in place using a plastic plaster or splint made of plastic or elastomer. The specialist doctor will stable structure and septum of the nose internally using a suitable tampon.

Step 7 – Return to daily activities

After the Roman nose operation, the nose and cheeks become swollen. Bruising may also occur in the lower eyelid and cheeks. This bruise will last for two weeks. Swelling of the nose and surrounding area will subside within a few weeks. Swelling is usually more common in the morning. In a few months, the shape of the nose will return to its natural state. After a year, the final nose shape will be visible.

The surgeon provides complete and comprehensive information, including advice and postoperative care.

Things to consider for Roman nose rhinoplasty

There are some things to consider when deciding on rhinoplasty to correct a runny nose and get rid of a nasal hump:

Rate of reduction of the nose bridge: Some people prefer their nose bridge to come down in a straight line. Others like to have a slight curvature. Your nose bridge depends on how well you intend to maintain the original appearance of your nose.

Coordination of the nose bridge with other areas of the face: The nose is in the center of the face, and therefore it should be in harmony with other parts of the face to have a better appearance. Ideally, the new nose should harmonize and fit your face and make the beauty of your face more visible.

Maintaining Normal Breathing After Rhinoplasty:  Keep in mind that normal and comfortable breathing should be during rhinoplasty. If the specialist doctor removes too much cartilage and bone during this procedure, they may interfere with your breathing. Specialist doctors have sufficient skills and experience in performing rhinoplasty. The person achieves the best possible outcome while fully maintaining function and breathing through the nose. Rhinoplasty will only be successful if the nose is functioning well!

Roman nose

Frequently Asked Questions

Does rhinoplasty Help Make My Nose More Beautiful?

If your nose is one of the most suitable noses for surgery (in terms of skin and nasal skeleton) and your expectations from this surgery are reasonable and based on the condition of your nose, you will benefit from rhinoplasty. People with oily and thick skin on the nose may not be good candidates for rhinoplasty.

Does rhinoplasty change the condition of the upper lip?

In the latest methods and techniques that specialist doctors do for their patients, they will not change lips. But in some cases, the surgeon corrects the relations between the lips and the nose. Then the lip’s beauty will become more visible.

Does surgery help make my face more beautiful?

Beautifying your nose helps to beautify your face in general, but you should remember that this surgery is done only on your nose, and other parts of your face do not change. Sometimes prominent and beautiful cheeks, beautiful eyes, below the shadows of an ugly nose are hidden, and after successful surgery on their nose, their beauty would be visible.

What are the complications of rhinoplasty?

The most important complication that this surgery can have is difficulty breathing through the nose. It is better to keep in mind that most people in the first weeks after surgery due to congestion and inflammation of the nose have breathing problems that are normal and go away. But a small number of people may develop nasal congestion for various reasons (including adhesions), which specialist doctors can treat. Bruising around the eyes, swelling of the face, and normal bleeding in the early days are natural features of this surgery and are not significant challenges.

How long is the rest period after surgery?

If you are employed, it is best to rest at home for one to two weeks. After this period, there is no ban on returning to daily work. If your job requires strenuous physical activity, we should consult about when to resume work.

How long do you use nasal glue after surgery?

We will use 24-hour glue for eight weeks after surgery, and then we will use the glue at night while sleeping for about two months.

What is the appropriate age for rhinoplasty?

The best time to have rhinoplasty is when the person is fully developed. The approximate age of development of facial growth in people is approximately 18 years old. However, in different people, this condition may occur at 17 or later at 19 years old. However, it is up to your doctor to diagnose this condition.

Is rhinoplasty a necessary and mandatory procedure?

If the purpose of rhinoplasty is only to improve its appearance, there is no need or obligation to do it. The person and his family must reach a joint decision about doing it and find a complete and 100% motivation for such an operation.

How many days after rhinoplasty can you smoke?

Nicotine in cigarettes hurts nasal congestion, which is why most doctors ban smoking for up to two months.

How long is it forbidden to dance after rhinoplasty?

It is better to avoid any activity that leads to an increase in heart rate in the early stages of recovery, and dancing, even if it is quiet, will increase the heart rate, and you should not dance for at least 1 to 2 months.

What are the restrictions on sexual intercourse after rhinoplasty?

Sexual intercourse is forbidden for only 3 to 4 weeks, after which there are no restrictions on sexual activity and intercourse.

How long after a nose job can you go to the pool?

You can not go to the pool, sauna, and jacuzzi for two months because the chlorine in the pool hurts the nose and nasal skin.

Does rhinoplasty hurt?

However, rhinoplasty is also surgery, and any invasive surgery is associated with pain. But the pain caused by rhinoplasty is rare, and with the use of prescribed drugs, the patient will have a suitable recovery period.

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