This type of nose has a long bridge, but the base of the nose is too large. The Nubian nose is also called a large nose. This type of nose is often in African races. These people have a strong desire for plastic surgery and often want their noses to be narrower.

Nubian Rhinoplasty

The Nubian nose has a thick skin and weak and thin cartilage. The old surgical methods did not have a positive effect on the result of Nubian rhinoplasty. That returned to its previous shape and shape over time by shaving the cartilage and thinning it.

But today, strengthening the nasal cartilage and strengthening its structure is done along with shaping the nose, the result of which is very positive and will reduce the reversibility and sagging of the nasal nose to a minimum or even zero. In fact, in this nasal surgery, cartilage Remove from the middle septum of the nose or septum and place on the nose tip to strengthen the cartilage.

Nubian nose

Nubian nasal reversibility

Many people are dissatisfied with their Nubian noses and apply for rhinoplasty. But after hearing statements such as the reversibility of the Nubian nose, people with similar noses have given up the surgery.

All the complications of any rhinoplasty are related to the rhino surgeon. If a rhino surgeon is a specialized and experienced person, no complications will occur due to rhinoplasty. Even performing nasal rhinoplasty is complex.

It is better to analyze the patients who have had surgery in the past years to choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon. That is to sure that their future nose does not have any respiratory problems caused by the surgery.

Preoperative procedures for nasal rhinoplasty

Be sure to take a shower the night before the operation and be careful not to catch a cold.

Have a light dinner the night before surgery.

Avoid eating and drinking for 8 hours before surgery.

Be sure to fast on the day of surgery. If the stomach is full, the stomach contents may return during surgery, enter the respiratory tract and throat, and disrupt the surgical process, thus exposing the patient to danger.

On the morning of the operation, you can use sweet liquids without pulp.

Note that milk does not contain sweet liquids. But that is considered a complete food.

Arrive at the surgery site half an hour before the scheduled time.

Having one person with you on the day of surgery is enough.

On the day of surgery, women should not wear any makeup, especially on the eyes. The presence of cosmetics on the face can cause contamination during surgery.

It is better for men to shave their beards and mustaches before the operation.

It is better for Patients to wear loose-fitting, button-down clothing So that they do not experience any problems after the operation and when wearing clothes.

Patients should tell their doctor if they are taking certain pills or medicines.

Blood thinners such as aspirin are not allowed for one to two weeks before surgery.

Rakuten and Ecutan tablets should also be discontinued completely two months before surgery.

It is better to avoid smoking and hookah from one week before the operation and one week after the surgery operation.

If the day of surgery coincides with the first two days of your period, be sure to let your doctor know.

Nubian nose surgery

That is very important to pay attention to the nose fit with other parts of the face, especially in nasal noses. Because if they become small or have a big nasal arch after surgery, it will cause respiratory problems. Nasal skin These people are thick and have sebaceous glands. Also, these noses have weak cartilage, which is the characteristic of the Nubian rhinoplasty. The nasal passages should remain longer than the nasal bone surgery after nasal rhinoplasty.

Causes of swelling after nasal rhinoplasty and methods to reduce swelling

Immediately after rhinoplasty, the swelling begins, and the main reason is damage to the nasal tissues and the intranasal fluid community. This swelling goes away over time, but it reaches its maximum in the first days after surgery. But by taking some steps, you can help the healing process of this inflammation.

Cold compresses are the most critical way to reduce swelling and pain after rhinoplasty.

Do not bathe in hot water. Some patients think that if they wash in hot water, their wounds will heal sooner. But that will exacerbate the swelling.

Reduce and minimize salt intake, as the sodium in salt increases inflammation.

It is better to limit your activities for a while and avoid doing heavy training and aggressive sports.

Keeping your head up will speed up the process of improving blood circulation in the face, and by doing so, you can help reduce swelling around the nose and eyes.

Nubian nose postoperative care

After rhinoplasty, if you notice any symptoms such as the following, contact your office and secretary.

If the nosebleed in the first week is in the form of watery blood and a small amount is natural, but if the bleeding is non-bloody and light in color, you must see your nasal surgeon.

It is normal if your body temperature is up to 38 degrees, but if you notice a fever and have a higher temperature, be sure to inform the secretary.

Be sure to see your doctor if you have recurrent nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after rhinoplasty.

Contact your office secretary if you notice your heart rate is high or breathing fast and abnormally.

Complementary care after Nubian rhinoplasty

Using two pillows on the sides of the head, you can keep your head straight and up so that you do not get hit in the nose by turning your head while sleeping.

Apply an ice pack on your eyes for 3 to 4 days as recommended by your nasal surgeon so that no damage or pressure is applied to the nose to eliminate bruising and swelling caused by nose surgery around the eyes.

One of the post-nasal care is when bathing. It is essential to take a bath before the surgery. Therefore you do not need to take a bath for at least two days. Because after the surgery, the plaster will be on your nose, and the nasal should not be wet until the nasal surgeon removes the binding. It usually takes 3 to 7 days after surgery to remove the nasal plaster. That varies at the discretion of the nasal surgeon.

To remove nasal plaster, the specialist doctor will advise you to take a bath before going to the office so that the nasal gets wet and separates more easily from the nose. Besides, this operation causes itching and allergies in the person. It is recommended not to wet the nasal plaster in the first week and to use a cotton ball or handkerchief to wash and clean the face.


How to wash your head after rhinoplasty

Hair washing can be in the same way as hair washing in hairdressing salons.

Nubian noses will perform by specialist doctors on the recommendation of a nasal surgeon. That will include up to 4 to 6 weeks of visiting the office and teaching the patient to glue the nose.

On the recommendation of the rhino surgeon, Dr. Besharatizadeh, up to 4 to 6 weeks by going to the office and teaching the patient how to glue the nose, is done by the doctor himself gluing when the nose formation is complete. Therefore nose strength is surgical to be done in the best way and without defects.

Men’s Nubian nose Rhinoplasty

There is a desire for beauty in both women and men. Today the percentage of demand for rhinoplasty in men may have increased significantly compared to women.

The structure of men’s noses is different from women’s noses. The ideal nose for a man is different from the delicate or doll nose of a woman.

Of course, tastes are different, but as much as possible, a rhino surgeon suggests beautifying men’s faces, natural and masculine noses by eliminating its shortcomings so that the ratio of the nose is in harmony with other components of the man’s face and makes the person’s face attractive.

Among the characteristics that affect men’s rhinoplasty is the nose skin and the nose cartilage. Men have thicker nose skin and stronger bones and cartilage.

In men, nasal deviation and fracture are usually due to trauma or heavy exercise, which the specialist surgeon can eliminate the fracture with rhinoplasties, such as deviation and crooked nose.


Frequently Asked Questions about Nubian Rhinoplasty

Does rhinoplasty cause breathing problems in athletes?

Athletes can have rhinoplasty, just like anyone else, without any problems. In some cases, rhinoplasty surgery can treat some respiratory problems.

When can I exercise after rhinoplasty?

The rhino surgeon usually recommends that avoid any strenuous or strenuous physical activity for two weeks after rhinoplasty. Because during this time, the bone and cartilage tissue is soft and flexible and needs more careful maintenance and care.

Performing light activities from the third week after rhinoplasty (with care) is unobstructed. Professional athletes are also required; Consult their doctor six weeks after their surgery and then start exercising.

Should I wash my nose after surgery?

Our advice to patients who have recently had rhinoplasty is to; For the first two weeks after surgery, rinse your nose thoroughly with a special serum.

What is the effect of rinsing the nose on repairing surgical scars?

Paying attention to nasal lavage in the first days after surgery will repair the vulnerable nasal mucosa better and faster. Therefore, it helps to accelerate the recovery process.

Will laughing or crying after rhinoplasty affect the outcome of the surgery?

It is pivotal to avoid laughing or crying a lot after rhinoplasty.

Can glasses be used after rhinoplasty?

It is better not to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses for six weeks after rhinoplasty. That is due to the softness of the nasal bone tissue after surgery. People with glasses can use medical lenses during this time to avoid problems.

What foods should we eat after rhinoplasty?

It is necessary to use a soft diet in the first days after surgery to prevent pressure in the mouth and nose.