Is Turkey safe?

Feeling safe and secure is one of the most basic needs of any tourist. One of the components that can indicate security in any region is the number of international visitors. In other words, the security index in each geographical area has a direct relation to the number of tourists who travel to that area annually. Turkey is one of the most visited regions in the Middle East, attracting millions of international tourists every year. That alone testifies to the level of security and tranquility that prevails in Turkey.

Also, every year Turkey makes a lot of investments in the tourism industry. The bulk of these investments are on maintaining order and security in Turkish tourist cities. Tourism industry politicians in Turkey have understood that security is one of the top priorities for tourists. Hence, they try to make money through this industry by providing suitable conditions for tourists.

Medical services in Turkey

Turkey’s progress in the healthcare industry in recent years has been admirable. The construction of state-of-the-art clinics with very advanced and modern equipment is only part of Turkey’s progress in this area. Besides, several specialist physicians in Turkey have valid international certificates and certificates from the most prestigious educational and medical centers in Europe and the United States. Therefore, Turkey benefits from advanced medical facilities, but it also has an experienced and experienced medical staff. That has made Turkey one of the leading countries in the field of health services.

Health tourism in Turkey

The tourism industry has several sub-branches. Health tourism is one of the most important branches. The tourism industry in Turkey is one of the most significant aspects of their economy. Therefore Turkish government pays special attention to that. There are specific facilities for health tourists in Turkey, the most prominent of which are the well-equipped and luxurious hospital hotels. In this way, you can simultaneously follow the treatment measures you need while enjoying your vacation as a tourist’s animal.

Breast Implant Surgery: Everything You Need to Know About Breast Implants

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant means to increase the size of the breasts with an implant or prosthesis. These prostheses are usually silicone. The specialist inserts the implants into the breast through an incision made in the crease under the breast. Prostheses consist of a silicone rubber shell that contains silicone gel or saline solution. The placement and type of prosthesis depend on the patient’s body type and personal preferences. Also, the surgeon’s decision is critical. During this surgery, the patient would be under general anesthesia. Then the prosthesis is inserted into the breast through an incision made in the crease under the breast. Other methods include an armpit incision or an incision near the areola (the circular area around the nipple). Then the surgeon closes the incision with sutures or absorbable sutures and tapes the breasts for extra support and protection. Then the specialist puts a light dressing on them. Patients will experience some bruising and pain after surgery, which is perfectly normal, and they will have medication to control the condition. The recovery period of patients takes about one to two weeks.

What are the benefits of breast prosthesis surgery?

breast prosthesis surgery

The main advantage of breast prosthesis surgery is the satisfaction and happiness of the patient with her appearance. Also, that comes with increasing her self-confidence and vitality. The results of this operation will also be satisfactory if it is for breast reconstruction. This operation is often at the same time as breast lift surgery. The decision to perform this surgery is personal, and the only thing that matters is the patient’s feeling about the results. The operation was successful if the surgery outcome met the patient’s expectations. Of course, like any cosmetic surgery, patients need to have realistic expectations about what can be for them.

What are the different types of incisions for breast implant surgery, and which one is right for me?

breast implant surgery

The choice of incision area for breast prosthesis surgery is very personal and consists of four types:

  • Under the breast in China under the breast.
  • Around the nipple and areola.
  • Armpit
  • Cut around the navel

That is a question for many women who have never had a breast prosthesis and are very concerned about the incision location. However, a woman rarely complains about the appearance or location of her surgical incision. Also, women rarely complain about the wound healing process.

Most breast implant surgeries are performed through an incision around the nipple or under the breast. The advantage of these methods is that the position and shape of the breast tissue can be better. The surgery outcome will be more accurate with these methods. These procedures are a “dual plane” prosthesis placement method in which most of the prosthesis (or part of it) is under the pectoralis muscle, and only a small piece will be under the breast tissue itself. That will give better results and the breast prosthesis a more natural look.

Another method that some surgeons use to implant a breast prosthesis is through an armpit incision. This method makes it harder for the breast tissue to form, allowing the implant to enter the chest from a higher location, and it takes longer for it to come down and be on the chest wall. These cuts usually heal well. However, they may be visible when a person is wearing a bikini or loop sleeves.

An incision around the umbilicus is another approach for some surgeons. That includes no incisions on or around the breasts. This procedure requires special tools and a long tunnel under the skin to place the implant in the Breasts to form it. This approach has many disadvantages, including the fact that only saline and non-silicone prostheses can be in this method. It is also much tougher to place the implant under the muscle in this method. Also, it is tough to properly release the pectoral muscles (chest wall), especially without lifting or tearing the muscle. Therefore, putting the implant in the right position would a complicated procedure.

What is the right breast prosthesis size for me?

The size of the prosthesis you choose depends on several factors, including the ultimate goal of your appearance and the shape of your body. Sometimes a bra or a T-shirt may look different to people depending on their breast size and shape. Therefore, an implant with a specific size may look distinctive to people with various appearances. With consultation with a specialist,  you can select the size and placement of the prosthesis. Therefore, that would be in a way that suits you.

Who are the suitable options for breast prosthesis surgery?

Breast prosthesis surgery is suitable for those who are physically healthy and believe that breast prosthesis makes their body more beautiful. Breast implants should not be because of someone else, such as a spouse, or a quick and cross-cutting solution to other problems.

The best candidates for breast augmentation surgery are usually women who have long wanted to have bigger breasts to look more beautiful. In this way, they can look fitter in their clothes to fit their breasts better with other parts of their body. Women who have given birth to one or more children and are breastfeeding have undergone many changes in the shape, size, and appearance of their breasts can also be good candidates for this surgery.

Contrary to popular belief, most women considering breast implant surgery have routine life and maybe housewives, mothers, or regular occupations, such as an assistant, secretary, teacher, nurse, lawyer, flight attendant, doctor. And the like.

Who should not have breast implant surgery?

No woman should have breast augmentation surgery to make another person happy or satisfied or save a failed relationship. Breast augmentation should be done only because of a woman’s image of herself, not because of her appearance versa another person.

Do I have to wait until after having a baby for breast implants surgery?

Deciding to do this is a personal matter. So there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to this question. A woman may want to enjoy the results of her breast prosthesis surgery before starting a family. Breast implant surgery is unlikely to impair a woman’s ability to breastfeed. However, there is a small risk that the sensation in the breasts will decrease after a breast prosthesis, and this surgery may affect the reactions required for breastfeeding.

Breasts, whether prosthetic or not, shrink and sag due to size enhancement after childbirth and breastfeeding. This reduction in volume may be due to hormonal changes, whether the woman is breastfeeding or not.

Is it possible to breastfeed after breast prosthesis surgery?

Breastfeeding problems have nothing to do with whether or not the breast has a prosthesis. There is no risk that the material inside the prosthesis, whether saline or silicone, will enter the breast milk and harm the baby in any way.

Does a breast implant cause a problem for mammography?

Breast implants may interfere with the mammography study in some patients, especially those who have a breast implant placed on the breast muscle or under the breast tissue. However, submuscular implants have magnificently reduced this problem. That is especially important for women with a family history of breast cancer.


Frequently Asked Questions about Breast implants Surgery:

Is it necessary to change the breast prosthesis every ten years?

There is no need to change the breast prosthesis after ten years or any other specific time. Although the exact source of this rumor is not known, it may be related to the fact that some older implant models had offered a warranty that was only valid for ten years.

Are silicone prostheses safe?

Careful medical studies show that there is no difference between the safety of silicone prostheses and saline prostheses.

Is it possible for the nipple to lose its sensation after breast prosthesis surgery?

Although there is a possibility of a loss of sensation or decreased sensitivity in the nipple after breast prosthesis surgery, this is a low probability. In general, the chance of sensation loss at the tip of one or both breasts is only a few percent.

Can sagging breasts be removed by placing a prosthesis in the breast?

In most cases, the surgeon lifts the breasts at least moderately due to the placement of a prosthesis in them, and their sagging will eliminate partially. But the extent to which the sagging resolves varies significantly from person to person and depends more on the individual characteristics and the elasticity of the person’s skin, the prosthesis size, and place.

Are the scars from breast implant surgery visible?

Remaining scars from breast prosthesis surgery are short and generally well hidden in the crease under the breast and well hidden under a bra or swimming trunks or bikini. Longer incisions reach the nipple and if the patient wants to perform several different operations, including breast lift surgery.

How long after breast implant surgery can I return to my normal activities?

Within a day or two after surgery, you will more or less regain your health. ANY discomfort will be under control with the medication prescribed to you. You can take a shower almost immediately after surgery, and you will need to visit your surgeon’s office a week after surgery for a postoperative visit and suture removal (unless absorbable sutures). You can have sex, but your partner should treat breasts gently and cautiously.

Patients can usually return to work within a week. At this time, work activities that require a lot of lifting, pushing, or stretching the arms may be uncomfortable, and you may need to adjust your work conditions to suit your situation for a while. In the case of prostheses under the pectoralis muscle (which is the case in most cases), it takes longer for the pain to go away. When you can start exercising again is up to you. After the first two weeks, it is possible to perform limited exercises. That does not damage the incision or the placement of the implant in the chest. However, strenuous activities that put pressure on the chest muscles, such as chest presses and Swedish swimming, should be avoided. Most patients wait a month or more after surgery to return to full-intensity training.

How much does breast prosthesis surgery cost?

Cosmetic surgeries can vary in cost depending on which hospital or clinic and the surgeon’s salary is. It is best to consult with several different surgeons and compare them. Make sure that your main criterion is not the cost of labor. The credibility and experience and experience of the surgeon are more important than the cheapest one.