Why Turkey?

The significance of the tourism industry in Turkey has been growing in recent years. That has led to an expansion in investment in this industry in Turkey. Thus, Turkey has become one of the ideal targets for tourists in the Middle East. Health tourism is one of the most money-making aspects of tourism, became the main focus of investors in the Turkish tourism industry. In recent years, the management in Turkey has adjudicated to captivate the attention of global health vacationists. As a result, Turkey has made tremendous progress in various fields of medicine and plastic surgery.

Medical expenses in Turkey are significantly lower than in Europe and the United States. That has made Turkey an affordable destination for health tourists, especially plastic surgeons. Of course, the low price of medical services in Turkey does not indicate low quality. Turkey has always strived to improve the quality of medical services. The development of health tourism in Turkey has forced many doctors to enhance their medical care. Many Turkish doctors hold international degrees and credentials and have taken specialized and sub-specialized courses at the most prestigious universities. Besides, Turkish clinics have improved their services and facilities to compete with other European and American clinics. Some medical clinics in Turkey have international standards for administering medical services.

Is Turkey safe?

Security is one of the most critical characters that tourists are always concerned about their travel destination. Millions of international visitors visit Turkey every year, so Turkey has attempted to improve the security systems to improve the conditions. Prepare to receive tourists. Thus, Turkey is one of the safest countries in the region, and the large number of tourists who visit this country every year is proof of this.

Travel to Turkey in the context of the Corona epidemic

Turkey is one of the leading countries in social distance planning and vaccination against the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you have decided to travel to Turkey, it is better to get information from official and competent sources about the terms and conditions of travel to Turkey. This way, you can experience a safe trip.


What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a type of surgical specialty. That goal is to reshape (repair) and correct the characteristics of human organs.

Plastic surgery consists of two categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is to repair burns or improve body function. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance and beauty of the body. These two techniques are used all over the world.


The first reconstructive surgery was in India in 2000 BC. Sushruta was the father of reconstructive surgery, made pivotal contributions to plastic and cataract surgery in the 6th century BC. The medical works of both Sushruta and Charak were available in Arabic in 750 AD. These Arabic works later spread to Europe through intermediaries. In Italy, the Branca family of Sicily and Gaspare Taglucozi became acquainted with the methods of Socerota.

But the history of plastic surgery in its current form dates back to the renaissance period in Italy. The church accused surgeons of interfering in the work of God. The first American plastic surgeon, John Peter Mettauer, repaired the cleft palate in 1827.


Who is a plastic surgeon?

A plastic surgeon is a person who, after receiving his / her medical doctorate, takes a specialized course in general surgery and then, after three years of training in a subspecialty plastic surgery course at a reputable university, is honored to acquire this professional specialty.


What is the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery itself is one of the most integral branches of plastic surgery and focuses entirely on the patient’s appearance. It can be on the head, neck, and whole body, but plastic surgery is a specialty of surgery that eliminates facial and body defects caused by burns, injuries, and disease.

Specialties of plastic surgeons:

Cosmetic Surgery:

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most significant plastics surgery branches includes facial and body cosmetic surgery.

Burn surgery:

Burn surgery

Burn surgery is available in two ways, one in severe burn surgery, where treatment begins immediately. The other after the burn to repair and rebuild burned parts of the body.

Hand surgery

Hand surgery

Hand surgery is another important specialty of plastic surgeons who go through their specialized courses. Severe injuries, chronic diseases, or congenital diseases of the hands and wrists are the significant cause of this surgery. Usually, orthopedic doctors and general surgeons can also perform this operation, but for women who have thin hands and have a beautiful result. More importantly, the best way is to see a plastic surgeon.

Microscopic surgery

Microscopic surgery

Microscopic surgery, or microsurgery, is used to reconnect blood vessels to rebuild a part of the body that has been lost for any reason and replaced with new tissue. The most common areas for microsurgery are breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, and hand surgery.

Pediatric plastic surgery

Pediatric plastic surgery

Pediatric surgery is often different from adult surgery. Many childhood problems or birth disorders have the best treatments in childhood. Pediatric plastic surgeons specialize in treating the condition in children.


Familiarity with some cosmetic surgeries

Abdominoplasty (cosmetic abdominal surgery)

Abdominal cosmetic surgery or abdominoplasty is to remove excess fat or skin from the abdomen. Repair of the degenerated part of the abdominal muscle tissue can magnificently help to tighten this area.

What this does not do:

Abdominoplasty can have a significant effect on the shape of your body. But it does not cause weight loss, and that is not a substitute for exercise programs. Also, the persistence of positive results from abdominoplasty depends to a large extent on your exercise program.

Therefore, it is essential that people, who decide to lose more weight or want to experience pregnancy, decide to postpone the abdominoplasty.

Skin cracks are because of the stretching of the skin as a result of weight gain and loss. These skin conditions, which are also in most people, do not go away with abdominoplasty. Removing excess skin during cosmetic abdominal surgery may only magnificently reduce the amount of these skin cracks.

Essential facts about the risks of abdominoplasty

Although abdominoplasty can bring you closer to your cosmetic goals, it is usually not a necessary surgery, and you can decide for yourself whether or not to do it. Therefore, it is better before cosmetic surgery. It is better to know the abdomen and its possible side effects.

They will ask you to sign consent forms to make sure that you fully understand the type of surgery, the risks, and possible side effects.

What are the consequences of abdominoplasty?

Significant scars (attention) remain in the patient. The wound is created obliquely in the lower abdomen and standard abdominoplasty. Various other injuries may be the result of the patient’s problems.

Scars are better in some patients. In all cases, all wounds are red and swollen at first. The patient needs to consult with their surgeon about these scars before surgery and be aware of the outcome. However, the surgeon tries to cover the injury with underwear and a swimsuit.

Anesthesia in the lower abdomen is temporary after surgery but not permanent. High swelling of the scar is usually the result of an accumulation of interstitial fluid.


Blepharoplasty (eyelid cosmetic surgery)

The main reason for many eyelid applicants is drooping and extra eyelid skin. This surgery can tighten and lift the skin around the eyes and give your face a more attractive, younger, and more alert look. Blepharoplasty is sometimes used to remove vision barriers caused by drooping eyelids. In the treatment process, excess skin, muscle, and adipose tissue should disjoint from the upper and lower eyelid areas. Sometimes only the extra skin is removed from the eyelid.

Of course, upper eyelid Blepharoplasty, that sometimes called an eyelid lift, should not be confused with ptosis surgery. In a ptosis surgery, the surgeon tight the muscles of the upper eyelid to correct the problem. Blepharoplasty eliminates drooping eyelids when excess skin causes the eyelids to droop. So these two surgeries are different, but both can correct drooping eyelids.

The best candidate for eyelid surgery

The proper candidate identification for this treatment and beauty method is not possible. For treatment, you can consult an ophthalmologist and for beauty cases with doctors and experts at the White House Clinic. You can contact us by phone, through the site, or via virtual media, talk to our experts and make an appointment for an in-person consultation.

In general, if the skin around your eyes looks swollen and sagging, eyelid surgery is an ideal choice for rejuvenating your face. Puffy eyes are because of edema or allergies, so be sure the sagging or swelling is due to aging before having surgery.

If all conditions are right for blepharoplasty, you should have the right expectations for this surgery. Like all beauty and rejuvenation procedures, this surgery can make a dramatic improvement in the beauty of your face and eyes. But it does not mean achieving the elixir of youth. After all rejuvenation treatments, your skin will continue to age. In the relatively near future, you may need to get the same treatment again or use other rejuvenation techniques to repair the results.

In general, if your health conditions are perfect and you follow the instructions of postoperative care, the results of eyelid surgery will be excellent, and that will last for more than 15 years.

Autoplasty (ear surgery)

Autoplasty is a procedure in which the surgeon changes the size and shape of the ears. The results of ear deformity surgery are dependent on the intended changes. However, these methods generally increase self-confidence and solve the problem of the abnormal ear. If the ears are protruding and protruding, suturing the cartilage can flatten the earlobe closer to the head. If one of the ears is higher than the other, they can be symmetrical by ear cosmetic surgery. Ears that are too large can also be adjusted by surgery alone or in combination with other ear surgeries. Treatment of ear pain caused by cosmetic ear surgery is under control with painkillers.

Recovery after surgery

Typically, sutures are removed or absorbed after about a week.

For a month or more, you should refrain from any activity in which the ear may bend. Most adults can return to work after five days of surgery. Children can return to school after seven days or more if they do not participate in sports activities. You can ask your child’s teacher to take care of your child for a few weeks.


Some other types of plastic surgery are as follows

plastic surgery expert

Phalloplasty (penis enlargement)

Breast augmentation (breast reconstruction surgery)

Mastopexy (breast lift surgery)

Hip augmentation cosmetic surgery

Hip lift (hip lift)

Labiaplasty (vaginal cosmetic surgery)

Lip prosthesis

Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty)

Wrinkle removal and facial beautification

Raise eyebrows

Chin surgery

Strengthen and enlarge the cheeks

Maxillofacial Surgery

Injection of filler, collagen, fat, and other tissue injections

Reduce skin and fat from arm to the elbow

Laser skin rejuvenation

Liposuction (removal of belly and flank fat)

Angle the jaw

Reduce facial width by cutting facial bones


The last word

It is better to get the necessary information about all aspects before doing anything, and plastic surgery is no exception. So if you decide to have plastic surgery, it is better to consult with experts. To find the most suitable clinic and specialist surgeon, be sure to consult with people who have the necessary experience in this field. Get information on what is essential before and after surgery. Finally, once you have considered all the pivotal aspects and become aware of them, decide to have plastic surgery.

Turkey is one of the most modern countries in the Middle East that offers high-quality and cheap medical services. Every year, a large number of Turkish tourists choose health as their destination for plastic surgery. These tourists can be the best sources of information for you, and give you great tips.