Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the number one destination for hair transplant surgery. Every year, tens of thousands of men travel to Turkey to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, some still feel uncomfortable traveling to Turkey due to security concerns. Although there have been some security concerns in recent years, Turkey has not faced a security threat since 2016.

According to the British Foreign Office, the vast majority of Turkey has remained safe, and no advice is available on traveling to Turkey. Since 2016, global terrorist threats have dropped dramatically by 44%. And Istanbul remains one of the safest destinations in the world to travel to and welcomes anyone with its well-known traditional hospitality, no matter where they come.

What about medical risks?

medical risks

Another concern reported about Turkey is directly related to the hair transplant industry. Although this is not a fatal outcome, it remains a question in the minds, and it is very critical to make sure. Your security is not a concern, and the hair transplant method will not cost you anything other than money. We have prepared 10 of the most important questions to ask the clinics you are in contact with, which we will address at the end. The answers you will get from these questions will ensure that you have chosen the right clinic for your needs. We will also describe the costs of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey here.

Since the beginning of the FUE method into the hair transplant industry, there has been a dramatic interest in hair transplants worldwide, mainly because it has become almost a wound-free method. Many men are struggling with hair loss, looking for FUE as a solution method. Understandably, increasing demand creates opportunities for others. Turkey includes experienced surgeons, advanced equipment, and low prices. That is why Turkey is becoming a popular destination for affordable hair transplants.

Although the exact number is not available, several sources indicate that more than 250 hair clinics are available in Turkey, most of which are in Istanbul.

According to the ISHRS website, there are only 43 registered hair surgeons from Turkey. So the next question that comes to the mind of many potential patients is which clinic to choose so that you can safely have your surgery performed by a qualified physician, not an unlicensed technician.

How do you know you will be in safe hands?

Watch out for the hair transplant black market. That is a problem for many patients.

International associations in the hair transplant industry have many precise criteria for membership approval. For example, ISHRS surgeons must be present in the operating room and actively perform each operation to maintain their membership. Therefore, choosing a clinic that has an ISHRS surgeon ensures that you will see a qualified surgeon.

Turkey, an ideal destination for a visitor

blue mosque

Turkey has always been a tourist attraction due to its rich culture and inexpensive summer destinations. For thousands of years, Turkey has been a favorite of many visitors and empires and has never lost its attractions, and has always offered great memories to build.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than 39 million foreigners visited Turkey in 2018. Of these, a whopping 2,254,871 English and 4,512,360 Germans visited this beautiful country.

In Turkey, UNESCO World Heritage List has registered 18 properties,  and 17 elements are in the list of intangible cultural heritage.

Ten questions you should ask beforehand

The ten questions you ask before undergoing hair transplant surgery below not only save you money but also help you to experience a smoother hair transplant, without problems and definitely with fewer headaches. The successful way to hair transplantation begins with asking the right questions and finding clear answers.

I’m sure you know that hair transplants have become very popular since the introduction of FUE. Remember, many doctors and business people are aware of this. As a result, with minimal financial capital, doctors try to open a hair transplant clinic. Even they do not have the relevant qualifications.

As human beings, we love saving money, and we love to spend as much as we can out of our own pockets. While this is a fact, many newly opened clinics have the lowest prices to attract more customers through the door. Understandably, keeping costs to a minimum comes with compromise, which is the most pivotal aspect of the equation, and as a patient must have the consequences.

If hair transplantation surgery without human intervention, the costs would certainly below. That can create fair competition, and clinics do not have to look for ways to reduce their unit costs.

However, this is not the case. A hair transplant depends on the experience of the surgeon and his team, which is manual. It consists of thousands of small cuts with precision, once and for all, keeping your hair follicles fine without putting too much pressure on them to keep them stay alive after surgery.

Given that your donor area is a limited resource, who does not want to perform this surgery properly?

Here are ten questions to ask your hair transplant clinic before doing so.

Is there a doctor who actively participates in my procedure?

Did you know that many clinics still operate without a doctor? Prices are one way to sound the alarm. It’s critical to ask them directly if a doctor is actively involved in your surgery and their exact role. But also know that hair transplantation is a team effort. Many clinics claim that they perform 5 or more operations a day.

As a human being, an attending physician cannot perform more than two operations a day because it is not physically possible. Asking the number of patients they operate daily can also help you understand what you are dealing with it.

To keep costs low, some so-called clinics rent apartments in apartment blocks and perform surgery in the bedroom. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you have an allergy to local anesthesia in your body, you want to be fully equipped inside a hospital if you have any complications or when you need immediate care.

Does my doctor have the right qualifications to have hair transplant surgery?

Due to the increasing demand for hair transplant surgeries, many physicians from other medical disciplines, in turn, are turning to hair transplants and accepting patients while continuing their daily activities. Having an international degree related to hair transplantation, such as being a member of the ISHRS or ABHRS, ensures that you are in the hands of a safe doctor and that your doctor only performs the hair transplant procedure. Unqualified personnel is always at risk of failing to deliver the results you want.

Do you enjoy the benefits of a hospital for legal procedures?

When conditions are not favorable, being in the hospital gives you a lot of comfort. Make sure your surgery is performed in a well-equipped hospital, not in a residential apartment. In Turkey, working in a residential building is illegal, and you may have an unpleasant experience with the police.

Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

Although most men are suitable for hair transplants, there are still limitations. A dense and healthy donor area is a must. Your baldness level is also pivotal, and if you have advanced hair loss, you should meet your expectations so that you do not become frustrated after the procedure. You can check your hair loss rate on the Norwood scale. Also, if you are in the early stages of hair loss, you may consider alternatives to hair transplant methods, and you may even be able to reverse hair loss or at least reduce hair loss.

Will I need another operation in the future?

According to the ISHRS, the world’s largest hair transplant organization, patients must have a clear understanding of the time commitment required to achieve their desired results, which can take several ways. You have to remember that a hair transplant method does not prevent further hair loss. That will help you achieve your desired vision by correcting a hairline and increasing density in scattered areas. Depending on the amount of hair loss, you may need several sessions because of the limited number of transplants that can be per session or because of the possibility of more hair loss in the future.

Do they speak my native language at the clinic?

As you do your research, you need to know if the staff caring for you speaks your language. The doctor and staff of your operation are responsible for answering all your last-minute questions. They should inform you about each step during the surgery. Speaking the same language is essential, so there is no misunderstanding, especially when you have surgery.

Do you have access to unbiased patient feedbacks?

Today, most clinics have some patient reviews or short video feedback. But how are they neutral? Isn’t it easy to publish it only on their website? Wouldn’t it be great to read 300+ reviews on a standalone review website? Do not settle for less. Look for 12-month videos, not immediate post-operative videos. Everyone is happy when the procedure is over. But what about the films taken 12 months later?

What kind of results do I expect to achieve?

It’s no secret, even if you have done very little research, you know that hair transplant results are different. Many variables affect the outcome of hair transplantation to some extent, and most of them are directly related to you. Performing a successful operation is just one aspect of it. Taking care of your hair with the right hair support products is another critical issue and also the result itself. As mentioned in WebMD, this is a time-consuming process. Do not expect a miracle, and be reasonable with your expectations. You are not 18 years old, so why are you 18 years old? Would this even be appropriate? A natural and mature hairline is what we are all looking for it.

If I am not satisfied with the result of the hair transplant, what are my options?

As a patient, you should be aware that, like any medical procedure, there is no guarantee in a hair transplant operation. It is common for some clinics to provide a guarantee certificate, but this is far from the truth. Several factors affect a successful surgery, and some of them are directly related to the amount of care you take after your surgery. If you get a poor result, your clinic should offer you a biopsy and a free visit session, depending on the biopsy result. You should also request that you receive this information in writing.

There is no such thing as sufficient research. Do not let the clinics convince you until you believe in them. That is your life, and you have every right to choose the best for yourself. Taking the necessary care and finding satisfactory statistics about the clinic you are considering is key to making the right decision.

Ask yourself;

Why should you choose this clinic?

What makes this clinic better for you than others?

Is it because you can pay them or are they good enough? Can they deliver the ideal result you are looking for it?

Do not compromise on quality over a price. A weak hair transplant operation may cause you to spend more money than you anticipated and turn it into a mental challenge journey.

Here is the tenth question:

Have you done enough research?

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey

hair transplants in Turkey

Hair transplants in Turkey are significantly cheaper than in the UK, US, and other parts of Europe. There are significant differences between clinics in Turkey, and it is critical to know why these differences exist and how they can impact your surgery.

The main factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey are:

If the clinic has a doctor, the price will increase.

If the doctor is actively involved in the surgery, the price will increase.

If the doctor has certification by international hair transplant associations such as ISHRS and ABHRS, the price will increase

If the clinic only accepts a small number of patients per day, the price will increase.

If the medical institution does not have a doctor and consists only of health technicians (it is illegal in Turkey), the price will be too low.

If the clinic has a doctor, but the doctor is not involved in the surgery, the price will be low.

Number of grafts Technician only clinics (Avg) Junior doctor (Avg) Senior doctor (Avg)
2000 1500 GBP 2000 GBP 2600 GBP
2500 1600 GBP 2100 GBP 2800 GBP
3000 1700 GBP 2250 GBP 3000 GBP
3500 1750 GBP 2350 GBP 3200 GBP
4000 1800 GBP 2500 GBP 3300 GBP

Payment options

Most clinics in Turkey require a deposit to ensure patients’ surgical appointments. And the balance will be on the date of surgery.

In most cases, you can pay your balance in cash or using your credit card (although some tax evasion clinics charge an extra 18% for credit card payments).

There are only two clinics in Turkey that offer financing or payment plans. These clinics have established a commercial presence in the UK or other European countries.

Hair transplant options in Turkey

Turkey is a well-known destination for hair transplants. There are many transplant options in Turkey to choose from among them. You must understand the difference between these options to make informed decisions.

There are three types of hair transplant surgery:

FUE (follicular unit extraction)

  • Sapphire FUE
  • micro fuse
  • Long hair FUE

FUT (follicular unit transplant)

DHI (direct hair transplant)

FUE is the most popular hair transplant method in Turkey. The hair follicles are extracted separately from the back of the head. That is the least invasive and closer to the wound-free option in hair transplants.

Sapphire FUE is the same as standard FUE. The only difference is that the microscopic surgical device used in the cutting stage is from sapphire instead of titanium or steel. You can read more about sapphire hair transplants here.

MicroFUE refers to the end of the extractor used to remove hair roots from the back of your head. The specialist can adjust the end of the device depend on the thickness of your hair follicle. That can vary between 0.6 to 1 mm.

The LongHair FUE, also known as the fully shaved FUE, is the choice of patients who want to return to work the next day. No hair follicles need repair for this procedure. That requires precision and time,  so LongHair FUE is the slowest among other methods. Usually, this method can take 2 or 3 days.

FUT, also known as the tape method, is the second hair transplant surgery available and is still very popular in Europe and the United States.

The main difference with FUT is that instead of extracting the hair follicles one by one, they need just a linear skin tissue from behind. This method leaves a scar behind the head where the strip of skin tissue is from there.

Many doctors believe that the extra fatty tissue around each hair follicle helps the grafts survive because the fat gives the cells enough energy to remain until the doctor can anchor them to the skin. The whole can take 4 to 5 days.

DHI is relatively new in the hair transplant industry, and technician-only clinics mostly choose it because it is easier than other above methods. Although it is an FUE, it is different in the implantation stage because the implantation of hair follicles is by the implant pen instead of the forceps.

Growth performance is reasonable, and there is no scientific evidence to confirm that DHI has a higher rate. Growth efficiency still depends on the experience of the surgeon and his team.

Predicted results after hair transplantation

Predicted results after hair transplantation

Although a hair transplant performed by an experienced doctor can dramatically improve the way a person looks afterward, it is also pivotal for the patient to know what kind of results are achievable and real.

A patient should know that hair transplantation is a medically proven method and works within the medical field.

Travel to Turkey for hair transplant

Turkey is one of the first countries when it comes to hair transplants. There are incredible requests from European and Arab countries for hair transplants in Turkey. In 2019, hair transplants in Turkey reached a monthly volume of about $ 1.5 billion.

Okay, so where are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey? That is one of the most searched words. In particular, which doctor uses the Fio technique better? Which hair transplant center is more successful?

Traveling to Turkey, you will find that hair transplant centers in Istanbul have grown. So much so that almost all cosmetic surgeons turned to hair transplants. That, however, creates a gap in the name of Istanbul in the matter of hair transplants. But Istanbul ranks first in the world in terms of hair transplant centers. In this case, we can name the world-famous specialists such as Ilhan Sardar Oglu and Kora Erdogan, who provide hair transplant services in Istanbul.

Prices are half the world prices. You can choose hair transplant centers in Turkey for quality, magnificent, and confident hair transplants. If you want to look for the most successful hair transplant doctors, hair transplant doctors in Turkey are at the forefront.

Very successful hair transplant centers are available not only in Istanbul but also in Ankara. There are especially famous doctors such as Sardar Gorkem and Fahmi Armani in the subject of hair transplantation. Hair transplant centers in Ankara are much more affordable than Istanbul hair transplant centers.

Hair transplant

Why patients travel to Turkey for a hair transplant?

As you know, Turkey has many beautiful sights and tourist attractions. Turkish tourist cities have turned this land into a unique tourist destination with breathtaking beauty. For this reason, many tourists travel to this beautiful country every year by buying a tour of Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in medicine and health. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in the world. More importantly, medical costs in Turkey are much lower than in other countries.

In this way, patients choose Turkey for hair transplant surgery to benefit from three factors simultaneously: tourism, modern medical facilities, and reasonable costs in Turkey.

Is it in the interest of clinics from other countries to claim Turkey isn’t safe?

 In the competition to attract customers, businesses do not spare any effort. They use every opportunity to destroy competitors and attract customers. Unfortunately, this has become a common practice, even among medical centers.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey use the best and most up-to-date modern equipment. Also, these clinics are controlling by the most experienced and top doctors in hair transplantation. Due to currency differences, medical expenses are significantly lower in Turkey than in Europe and the United States. Moreover, Turkey is a tourist country and has many spectacular tourist attractions.

Thus, according to the above, other clinics in competition with hair transplant clinics in Turkey can not do anything in this case. The only issue that other clinics can raise is the issue of Turkey’s insecurity. That is while Turkey is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East and the world. Internationally published history and statistics testify to this. Besides, security arrangements in Turkey, especially for foreign tourists, are of the highest international standards.

Frequently asked questions

Is hair loss a disease?

Yes. Humans, whether male or female, have hair as a child. Therefore, hair loss on the scalp or the face (for example, hair loss in beards and mustaches in men) or hair loss in the eyebrows or eyelashes are all signs of existence. They have a problem that needs treatment with the help of specialist doctors.

Why should hair transplants be done?

Hair loss would bring some problems such as loss of confidence and emotional issues. Hair transplants can reduce these issues. Therefore, some people need to do that. That is naturally more important for women and young people.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Several reasons lead to thinning and then hair loss, including heredity and genetics, skin diseases, wounds and itching, the use of certain drugs, aging, stress, and stress.

Which countries have the highest and lowest hair loss rates?

As we wrote to you about the statistics of male pattern baldness in different countries, mainly the countries of Western, Central and Central Europe (especially the Mediterranean countries) and the Middle East, and on the other hand, the lowest statistics belong to the countries of East Asia.

How much does a hair transplant cost in the world?

That is depending on the countries, the currency, health facilities, technologies, and techniques. Also, the staff salaries vary in different countries. Therefore the cost will differ. For example, in Thailand and Turkey (with an average of 1000 euros) to the most expensive ones such as the United States (with an average of 15,000 to 25,000 dollars)

What is baldness?

Baldness means the thinning or thinning hair strands in a specific scalp area, which is usually the case for the scalp. There are different types of baldness, including androgenic baldness, which occurs in many men.

What is a hair transplant?

In general, the separation and transfer of hair follicles are called hair transplantation. Although this procedure is usually to treat and eliminate hair loss, hair transplants are also in some other body areas, including eyebrow implants, eyelash implants, and hair transplants on beards and mustaches.

What is the best hair transplant season?

As explained in this article, unlike some writings and advertisements made by some people in recent years, it does not make much difference in what season you start having hair transplants. Depending on the technique used for the procedure and the postoperative conditions, the response may vary slightly. But it usually does not depend on the season in which the hair transplant was.

What are the complications of hair transplantation?

Depending on the type of surgery used for hair transplants, there may be some side effects. For example, in FIT and FUT methods, sometimes the recovery time is longer. Also, there would be a need to use stitches and flaps during this operation. Sometimes they need to rest at home for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery (although in some patients). Swelling of the face and under the eyes may also occur. While recovering, the person may feel itching or pain.

However, in the SUT method, which is the best and most advanced hair transplantation approach, most of these complications do not exist, and the person can go to work the day after the operation. During the surgery, this is mainly by advanced SUT hair transplant devices. Therefore, the patient will not feel any discomfort or problem.

What care should be after hair transplantation?

Usually, doctors and hair transplant specialists give patients advice in this field after the operation. Therefore, the patient can safely get good results in the weeks and months after the surgery and does not suffer from hair loss again. These include sleeping at a 45-degree angle at night, resting after surgery (which requires the least amount of SUT time), keeping your head up during daily activities, not using hair dye and other chemicals. The expert knows the use of tonics or painkillers prescribed by a doctor for recovery time.

What is the best hair transplant method?

Currently, the newest and most advanced hair transplantation approach is SUT. That is using the latest devices and methods, With minimal side effects and disadvantages. Also, that has a high percentage of success in recent years. That has led to the expansion of its popularity among applicants. This method is currently the standard method of hair transplantation.

What is the appropriate age for hair transplantation?

Hair transplants are usually for applicants and clients over the age of 21 (who have suffered from hair loss). Methods such as PRP, laser therapy, mesotherapy, and vitamin therapy are available to solve the hair loss problem.

On the other hand, people over the age of 50, especially those taking medications such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc., should be cared for during the operation. Sometimes their operating time or number of treatment sessions may be longer.

Is eyebrow implantation performed today?

Yes. Because many people (especially the elderly) may suffer from eyebrow hair loss, they can use eyebrow implant services. This operation also has different methods.

What is the best way to implant eyebrows?

Currently, the best technique is the FUE method. This technique has many advantages as shorter recovery time, relatively little pain, and bleeding. Also, there is no need for long surgeries or repeated anesthesia. That is known as the best method of eyebrow hair transplantation.

What is an eyelash transplant?

One of the types of hair transplant operations is to eliminate hair loss in the eyelash area. This practice is especially popular with women who have this problem.